Commercial Debt Recovery

Commercial Debt Recovery with Baker Hardman Solicitors

At Baker Hardman, we value the close relationships we have built with local businesses, by investing time to understand how they operate in their industry sector. We tailor our services to your business to provide a cost-effective, professional debt recovery service. Our clients view us as an extension of their business. As we understand the importance every business needs to turn their outstanding debts into payment as quickly as possible. We provide a quick and cost-effective way to recover your overdue accounts.   

We have several years of experience supporting commercial clients to recover debts and support the ongoing financial success of their business ventures.  Our experienced team in debt collection services will give clear advice and guidance on all aspects of recovery and enforcement. Presenting your business with fast, effective solutions to a range of debt issues.  We aim to make the debt recovery process as simple as possible.

In most situations, we have found to solve issues over unpaid invoices can be collected by a phone call or letter from our solicitors, without the need for court action. There may be  times were negotiations or even a process of mediation or arbitration is needed.  If court action is required, we will represent you with the expertise we have gained over the years.

Our team of debt collection solicitors has exceptional success rates, we always meet our client’s expectations, cost-effectively achieving results.  

We have a wide range of funding options available for our clients from no-win no-fee to fixed-fee services. Speak to us to find out what would be suitable for your business.

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Please call our specialist team to book a free consultation. We guarantee you will speak directly to a legal professional or contact us online and we’ll get back to you. In most situations, we have found to solve issues over unpaid invoices 

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