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Credit Hire is when you can hire a replacement vehicle following an accident that was not your fault.

If you suffered from a road traffic accident, and it wasn’t your fault there are a couple of road traffic accident claims you can make:

You can directly contact the other driver’s insurance company to begin a claim or
find and contact a Credit Hire Company to process a dedicated non-fault claim.

Credit Hire Companies

If you’ve been in a road traffic accident and need a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired, but don’t have the funds to cover the repairs or replacement costs.  A credit hire company can provide you with a hire car at no cost to you.  They can also with help with recovering the cost of the hire from the other driver who was at fault for the accident.

Credit Hire Claims

The cost of hiring the replacement vehicle is claimed back from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Once you have claimed the credit hire company.  They will send an invoice to the insurance company for the cost of hiring the vehicle.  Credit Hire Companies will also charge a fee for their services, included in the claim.

Making a claim with a Credit Hire Company or with your Own Insurance Company What’s Best?
It’s best to check your agreement with a Credit Hire company, as most work on work on a no-win, no-fee basis. If this is the case, they will charge you the costs if they can recover costs from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Claiming on your insurance policy can have an impact on your ‘no-claims bonus and also increase your insurance premiums.  Sometimes they may decide not to cover your expenses or limit the amount they’re willing to pay out. You may also need to check your insurance policy for the following:

  • When you make a claim. You may need to pay excess fees.
  • When the accident was not your fault. Claiming through a Credit Hire Company is a better option.
How Can We Help You With Your Claim?

Our solicitors are specialists in managing all aspects of your claim, they can assist you with the following:

1.  We can make the process easier by introducing you to Credit Hire Companies we are in regular contact.  That can help get you a replacement vehicle on the same day.

2.  Liaise with the credit hire company on your behalf to recover all Credit Hire costs and charges from the at-fault driver’s insurance.

3. Our solicitors can also assist with other claims associated with road traffic accident claims, such as personal injury, recovery claims, etc.

Get in touch today and speak to one of your specialists.

Commercial Litigation

We prefer to emphasise ‘dispute resolution in an attempt to bring about a commercial and practical resolution to disputes by engaging in various methods of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

Where litigation is not always necessary we can provide advice on the most appropriate action to take. But if the most appropriate method is court proceedings then we will have no hesitation in advising and bringing or defending proceedings on your behalf.

We can provide advice on a broad range of areas of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution:
– Commercial Contract Disputes
– Business Debt Recovery
– Intellectual Property disputes
– Company disputes
– Partnership disputes
– Defamation
– Professional Negligence
– Insolvency
– Alternative Dispute Resolution

Personal Injury with Baker Hardman Solicitors

Up to 20-50 million people are injured in accidents each year. Personal injury describes any type of injury which has been caused to you physically or psychologically; this could be whilst travelling in your car, in the workplace, on holiday, in a public area or on a private site.

A Personal Injury can prove to be detrimental to the injured person’s quality of daily life and emotional health, either on a temporary basis or where more catastrophic or severe life changing injuries have been caused, on a permanent basis.

Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors based in Preston have helped countless individuals and families on the path to recovery and have assisted families through what can be a highly stressful and emotional time, with a level of consideration and care that is unparalleled. Our success is for one simple reason; in you, we see the person and not a claim

We have a reputation to strive for excellence and our team consists of highly skilled specialists who have secured compensation for thousands of victims in a wide range of Personal Injury Claims, from those of modest value to catastrophic and fatal accident matters.

We can help you understand and evaluate your claim. We ensure the procedure is stress free and that you are kept updated along every stage of the way. Our personal injury solicitors are experienced in providing the very best support, advice and representation throughout your claim. Our specialists are trained to go that extra mile to ensure that every decision in the claims process is made in the best interests of our clients.

We can also help you access private treatment and rehabilitation that may not always be available on the NHS to ensure we pave the smoothest path for your recovery with the best treatments available for your condition.

We take utmost pride in acting for our clients under a ‘No Win No Fee’ service, under which solicitors generally do not receive payment of their fees where a claim is not successful. This means you are under no financial risk and you will not be charged if your personal injury claim is unsuccessful.

There are strict limitation periods for Personal Injury Claims and investigating your claim is often easier and carries higher prospects of success if you begin your claim for compensation quickly; thereby, it is vital that you seek the advice of our legal specialists as soon as possible

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

In January 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took action by prohibiting ‘discretionary commission arrangements’ (DCAs). This put an end to lenders allowing brokers, including car dealers, to raise interest rates on car finance in exchange for additional commission without performing any additional work. This unfair practice left consumers unaware, and many, assuming a fixed price, missed out on negotiating.


As of 11 January 2024, the FCA has initiated a comprehensive investigation into this matter. The FCA is already equipped with substantial evidence to warrant such a public-scale inquiry and is currently building a case firm by firm, utiliSing its heightened investigatory powers.



Take Action Now if You May Have Had a Discretionary Commission Arrangement


The FCA has extended the time frame for motor finance firms to address complaints related to discretionary commission arrangements (received after 17 November 2023) during its ongoing investigation. While firms are encouraged to progress complaints, no decisions are required until the FCA reports its findings, scheduled for 25 September 2024, with a possibility of an extension.


Are You Likely to Be Affected? Check the criteria below.


The FCA estimates that 95% of car finance deals involved a commission model, with 40% incorporating ‘discretionary commission arrangements.’ If your deal falls into this category, and it wasn’t clearly disclosed – a common occurrence – you may be entitled to a refund once the FCA concludes its investigation and resumes addressing complaints (anticipated on 25 September 2024, subject to possible extensions).


This applies to those:


Who financed a motor vehicle, including cars, vans, campervans, and motorbikes (caravans without a motor excluded).


The finance agreement must have been initiated before 28 Jan 2021 (likely after April 2007).


Eligibility includes those with current agreements, those whose agreements concluded within the last six years, and potentially those complaining within three years of learning about the issue.


Time is crucial – the sooner you lodge your complaint, the lower the risk of being timed out. Complaints about agreements made before 6 April 2007 may face limitations due to jurisdiction changes by the Financial Ombudsman.


The vehicle must have been primarily for personal, not business, use. Commuting falls under personal use, but regular business use may disqualify the claim. Some vehicles financed through business agreements may be included if primarily used for non-business reasons and financed under £25,000.


You can reclaim on behalf of a deceased person, but proof of will and grant of probate may be required. Personal Contract Purchases (PCP) and hire purchase agreements are eligible for claims, even if the car is paid off or repossessed.


It’s important to note that Personal Contract Hire, interest-free finance, and multiple eligible car finance deals are excluded from the FCA investigation. Each case is unique, and if you had genuine 0% interest, you may not have been affected by discretionary commission arrangements.

Debt Recovery

Are you in search of effective debt recovery solutions for your business?

Look no further! At Baker Hardman, we offer industry-leading debt recovery services combined with the expertise of a top law firm, ensuring fast and cost-effective resolution of outstanding debts.

With over 25 years of experience, our dedicated team of debt recovery lawyers has successfully recovered millions for our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results by settling cases swiftly, often avoiding the need for formal legal action.

Who we work with?

Our comprehensive debt recovery services cater to clients of all sizes, ranging from large organizations to SMEs. We also support utility companies, insurance companies, commercial businesses, and FCA regulated companies that require regular assistance with debt recovery.

How our debt recovery solicitors can assist you?

Our experienced Debt Recovery team provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Pre-legal collection: Expertly managing lettering, telephone debt collection, and trace and collect processes.
  • Legal collection: Handling county court proceedings, mediation services, defended legal actions, enforcement, negotiation, and advocacy.
  • Payment agreements: Monitoring instalments, chasing defaults, and conducting regular assessments.
  • Insolvency action: Assisting with bankruptcy, winding up, advice on debtor’s petitions, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), Company Voluntary Agreements (CVAs), and post-insolvency trustee liaison.
  • General debt recovery advice: Ensuring compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims, conducting process reviews, and providing credit control and credit management advice

Immigration services at Baker Hardman Solicitors

We understand that moving to the UK can be a complicated and stressful experience. Our immigration solicitors will get to know you and your plans for the future.

If you live outside the EEA, you can only move to the UK with a visa and only stay here if you follow the terms of your visa. Each visa will have different criteria and different terms to follow.

Choosing the correct visa and proving your eligibility can be difficult, particularly if you want to work in the UK or bring your family with you. If you come to the UK with the wrong visa or stay here once your visa has expired, you can be at risk of being deported.

Whether you’re moving soon, already here, or you’re still making plans, our immigration solicitors are here to help.

With years of experience advising people in a wide range of situations, we know how difficult moving to a new country can be. We’ll do everything we can to make your move as smooth and worry-free.  You will have our full support with any other legal issues.

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