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Medical Negligence with Baker Hardman Solicitors

If you or your family member have received inadequate medical treatment or care and are left with injuries.  You can make a for claim medical negligence, we are here to help and support you through your difficult time.   It is important to contact a medical compensation specialist because medical negligence claims can be very complex.  Our experienced medical negligence solicitors will take the time to understand what you’re going through, helping you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

About Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is when a medical professional has failed you and made your symptoms or existing condition worse or caused further pain or harm through providing the wrong treatment, misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or poor treatment.

Making a Claim

Contact us to discuss your case as soon as you can.  We guarantee you will speak directly to a legal professional for your free consultation. We will advise on how much compensation you may be able to claim.  By getting in touch with us early, we can start work on your case and contact the healthcare provider. By doing this, the healthcare provider may accept medical negligence.  We can then get interim compensation to help with your recovery or rehabilitation, and any medical cost you currently need.  These payments can be made before your final compensation settlement.

In most cases, a claim should be made, within three years of finding out you’ve had negligent treatment.  However, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule:

Medical negligence claims involving a child can be made any time before the child turns 18. Once the child turns 18 the three-year rule comes into effect, so a claim needs to be started before they turn 21.

Mental Health, if a person cannot make a claim themselves, there’s no time limit for making a claim.

No Win No Fee

We work on a no-win no fee basis, meaning there is no financial risk to you. There is nothing to pay upfront, and you only make a payment if your claim is successful.  If you win your case, the healthcare professional or provider will pay most of your legal fees with the rest coming out of your final compensation settlement.

We’ll keep you fully updated throughout your claim, so you know how much compensation you’re likely to receive.

Confidential & Expert Service

Our medical negligence solicitors understand what you’re going through and can help you access specialist rehabilitation and support services to assist with your recovery. Please call our specialist team to book a free consultation. We guarantee you will speak directly to a legal professional.

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