Dental Claims with Baker Hardman Solicitors

Have you suffered an injury, or suffered with pain because of negligent care provided by a Dentist? If yes, you could be entitled to compensation.

You could be entitled to compensation if a dental professional has failed you. Made your symptoms worse or caused further pain or harm by providing the wrong treatment, misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or poor treatment.

 You can claim for: 

  • Costs resulting in your expenses, loss of earnings, costs involved in remedial work
  • Misdiagnosis, such as undertaking treatment that does not need to be done, or incorrect medicine being prescribed.
  • Delays to diagnosis, and delays can often lead to further complications resulting in pain and increased costs.
  • Poor dental work

‘No Win No Fee

We work on a no-win no fee basis, meaning there is no financial risk to you. There is nothing to pay upfront, and you only make a payment if your claim is successful.  If you win your case, the healthcare professional or provider will pay most of your legal fees with the rest coming out of your final compensation settlement.

Please call our specialist team to book a free consultation. We guarantee you will speak directly to a legal professional.

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